Vacation Bible School

Maker Fun Factory:  Created by God Built for a Purpose

Sat, June 23 @ 9-11 AM & Sun, June 24 @ 12:30-2:30 PM

At “Maker Fun Factory” Vacation Bible School, your child will discover no only that God made them the way they are, but for a purpose too!   Maker Fun Factory is filled with incredible Bible learning experiences kids see, hear, touch and even taste!  Science-Fun Gizmos, team building games, cool Bible songs, and tasty treats are just a few of the standout activities that help faith flow into real life.  Plus, we’ll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in everyday life – something we call God Sightings.

Check out what happened at VBS last year!

VBS 2017

Ways to volunteer!

“Ian/Eona Victor” – a confused inventor (scripted)

  • Sat (9:00-9:20)
  • Sun (12:30-12:50)

Working in pair, lead the Bible story in an interactive/hands on manner, making the Bible story come alive.  You will do the same activity for three groups – each for 20 minutes. (scripted teaching lesson provided)

  • Sat (9:20-10:40)
  • Sun (12:50-2:10)

Working in a pair, take a group of 10 to 15 children to each of the rotations, assisting both the kids and rotation leaders throughout.  Get to know the kids.  Deal with situations that might arise – chaos, bathroom, snotty noses, behavior.

  • Sat (8:30 – 11:05)
  • Sun (12:30-2:35)

Help decorate the school building & stage to look more “Crazy Invention Workshop-ish”.  All work done before hand and at own schedule.

Working in a pair, lead/organizing games that connect with the daily Bible point for the children.  You will have three groups – each for 20 minutes.  (game ideas provided – possible inflatable rental)

  • Sat (9:20-10:40)
  • Sun (12:50-2:10)

Working in a pair, leading/ organizing exciting experiments that connect to the day’s Bible story & theme.  You will do the same experiments for three groups – each for 20 minutes.  (scripted experiments provided)

  • Sat (9:00-11:00)
  • Sun (12:50-2:10)

Plan, prepare, serve, and clean up after lunch on Sunday.

Sun (11:45-12:30)


Lead the large group opening & closing time

  • Sat (9-9:20 & 10:40-11)
  • Sun (12:30-12:50 & 2:10-2:30)

Work with the MC and teach/lead the music

  • Sat (9-9:20 & 10:40-11)
  • Sun (12:30-12:50 & 2:10-2:30)

Take pictures for post VBS video.  Photos will also be used for web, newsletter and other PR purposes.  Must provide own camera

  • Sat (9:00-11)
  • Sun (12:30-2:30)

Check in kids, make name tags, help keep accurate record of participants.

  • Sat (8:30-9:30)
  • Sun (12:00-1:00)

Working in a pair, plan, prepare, serve, and clean up snacks.  You will serve the same snack for three groups – each for 20 minutes.  (Snack ideas provided)

  • Sat (9:20-10:40)
  • Sun (12:50-2:10)


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