Letter to Parents with Loud Childen

Dear Parents with Loud Children,

You are doing something really, really important when you bring your kids to church. We know it’s hard. You have to bring an overnight bag in case they need a few changes of clothes. You’re already exhausted and tired.

We know how anxious it makes you when your baby starts to squirm and fuss. When you have to dig around that overnight bag, trying to find something, anything that will distract them long enough for you to pay attention for thirty seconds. We know what it’s like to wonder if your four-year-old might say something ill-timed in their outside voice. Nobody’s bothered, but we know it feels that way.

We know the wonder of packing up in the morning, asking yourself if it’s worth it. Parenting is exhausting.

Parents, you’re doing something really, really important. When you bring your whole family, the whole body of Christ is here. All of us. The whole community of saints. The quiet ones and the loud ones. The old ones and the young ones. The ones who’ve been looking forward to worship all week and the ones who were dragged out of bed too early.

Historic Trinity is a community where all are welcome. No exceptions. Your squirmy, noisy kids are learning how to connect with God at just the right time. They’re learning how important a life of worship is.

And they are learning. The Spirit of God is finding a way into their lungs and feeding their little souls every step of the way. When they shout Amen after everyone else’s response has quieted. When they climb across three pews to say hello to a total stranger. Over time, the Spirit of God is molding them, not despite their squirms and cries, but through them.

Noise and all, we’re glad your family is here. Juggling and all, we’re here to support you. You don’t need to wait until your kids can sit quiet for an hour to be a part of our community of faith. Most of our grown-ups can’t sit still for an hour either.

At the heart of it all, we believe that what happens in worship changes lives. That’s why we bring our rambunctious four-year-old and our precocious sixteen-month-old with us every Sunday. Because worship transforms families and renews all of our souls together. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in worship…


Josh Hatcher
Senior Pastor
Historic Trinity